Joy Is All Around You

Believe it or not, you have Joy.  Right now.  It's already there inside you.  All you have to do is let it come out and play.  It’s that simple.  Now please don’t get me wrong.  I don’t mean to make it sound too easy.  Because anything new can be challenging, and change is sometimes a bit frightening.  But Joy really is THAT simple.  Have you ever witnessed the sheer Joy of a two year old instinctively dancing when music comes on?  We are born with the capacity for Joy.  You can invite it in: start by opening your eyes and your ears and maybe let down your guard, just a little.  And with a little time, Joy will crawl into that open space.

Try It For Yourself

I recently took part in a seminar.  Less than ten minutes into the program, we were instructed to turn to someone next to us and “Share something that makes you joyful.”  Would you believe with over 100 attendees in the room, not one person came up blank with nothing to share.  Each and every person had something… something that gave us that inner spark.  I overheard snippets: “a good book,” “walking my dog,” “seeing the sunrise,” “laughing with an old friend,” “a really good run.”  These Joys are indeed simple.  Not complicated.  Very much within reach.  Try it for yourself... What gives YOU Joy? 

You Can Choose Joy

Would you like to feel more Joy in your life?  Are you willing to invest 3 minutes a day?   Several years ago, I began keeping a “Joy Journal.”  I started to write down each day at least one thing that gave me joy or made me smile that day.  And for such a small act, it had a pretty big impact – With greater mindfulness and awareness of the Joys around me, I actually started to feel more Joyful.  I started 3 Minutes to Joy with the goal of bringing this technique to others.  This blog will share ideas, practical tips and a few success stories from my experiences and those of others who have ventured down the path to greater Joy.

September 22, 2010 · by Brooke · Joy Is All Around You, What is Joy?

“Joy is the feeling of grinning on the inside.” – Dr. Melba Colgrove. Joy is a spark that begins, completely unconsciously, when your heart (not your mind) is open to it. One of my recent Joys was also an example of this when a friend invited me to the Whitney Museum to see the Charles Burchfield exhibit…

Joy is an openness. It is a willingness to see even the small good things around you and allow them to lift your spirit. It can be the sound of a 3-minute downpour while you were cozy indoors (or maybe you were out in it and enjoyed the sensation.)

What is Joy? Part 2: Joy is Being Present

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“The breath, body and heart all live in the present time. Joy lives in the present time. It’s the mind (where our awareness is so easily snagged in past memories and future plans) that rarely stays in the present for more than a few seconds.” — Carolyn Hobbs, Joy No Matter What

What Is Joy? Part 1: Joy is a Choice

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Joy begins with a choice. Joy surrounds us. We must choose to let Joy in. Too often, we are tempted to blow right past Joy as we lead our busy lives. And then we miss the moments of Joy! I might fail to notice, for example, how the morning sun has created a perfect sunbeam…

3 Minutes a Day to Feeling More Joy

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September 10, 2010 · by Brooke · How To Start Your Joy Journal, Joy Is All Around You

Several years ago, I began keeping a “Joy Journal.” By making me more aware of all the small daily Joys – taking the back roads, getting a bear hug from a child, a good belly laugh – it actually made me more Joyful! You can start your own Joy Journal. All you need is 3 minutes.