3 Minutes a Day to Feeling More Joy

September 10, 2010 · by Brooke · How To Start Your Joy Journal, Joy Is All Around You

Several years ago, I began keeping a “Joy Journal.”  For such a small thing, it has had a pretty big impact on me.  First, it made me more aware of all the Joy already in my life.  It’s hard to miss the big monumental Joys, but what about all the small daily Joys – taking the back roads, getting a bear hug from a child, singing along to your favorite song on the radio, experiencing a good belly laugh… These Joys were experienced and quickly forgotten, or worse – I passed them by at 100 miles an hour and failed to let the Joy in.  After starting my Joy journal, I am more open to experiencing small Joys, and they stay with me longer.  So by recording my Joy, I have in fact become more Joyful! 

You can start your own Joy Journal.  It’s very simple.  All you need is 3 minutes a day.  Grab a notebook, your iPhone/Blackberry, a word or email doc, even a scrap of paper, and write down any little thing that gives you Joy or makes you smile in the day.  It can be tiny, fleeting and/or silly.  Or earth shattering.  But most will be small moments; a brief spark. 

You can do it as things strike you, or you can reflect on the day overall.  But it is important to try to write something for every day. You can write a single word.  You can sketch a doodle.  You can even be grateful your no-good-very-bad-day is finally over.  Just take around 3 minutes each day – less time than the typical TV commercial break.  Try it for just 3 weeks.  It’s a gift for yourself, or for those you love.  If you stick with it, you will experience a difference.  You will feel more Joyful.  And you may even find you spread a little Joy.

Joyfully Yours,

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