The Joy of Beginning

June 8, 2010 · by Brooke · How To Start Your Joy Journal

Today marks the beginning of my blog, 3 Minutes to Joy.  There is something magical about the start of something that you have dreamed about for some time.  There is the openness, hope and promise of where the journey may take you.  And there is also the feeling of accomplishment.  In that moment – the beginning – you commit.  You start.  You turn intentions and dreams into actions.  It doesn’t matter how big or small that first step, now you are doing, experiencing, trying…and living! 

“The distance is nothing; it’s only the first step that is difficult.”
– Madame Marie Anne du Deffand


When I began keeping my Joy Journal in 2006, I had no idea the path upon which I was embarking.  It was an experiment.  An idea I had after a very challenging year.  It was almost New Year’s and I was loath to write resolutions that I knew would be very difficult to live up to, I then would be hard on myself.  Instead, I resolved to focus on a single aspect of my life that would have a wider impact: I would try to live Joyfully.  That would be my gift to myself and also to those I love that had supported me through the challenges I had faced.  I grabbed an old notebook and wrote on the front, “JOY!”  The notebook was actually from a Nextel promotion, and said on the front: “Do you do?”  Now it was complete: “Do you do? JOY!” And in the lower corner, “Nextel. Done.”  Yes, I had done it – I had begun on a path to finding greater Joy.  And in the nearly four years since, I have found that the small Joys have a greater impact on me because I am more aware of them and give them greater focus.  Now the smile they give me endures longer.  And then there are always the few but the glorious sources of big and major Joy, which have been given greater importance by the act of recording them.  All of these Joys fill me with a sense of gratitude, wonder and greater belief in the promise of the next day to come.

This beginning, of, is particularly important to me.  I am looking forward to sharing with you the stories of how a simple act of taking 3 minutes or less each day to record the Joy the day held can really make a difference.  Stories from my own experience, but also experiences from dozens of other people who have kept their own Joy Journals for a period of three weeks or more.  I hope you find these stories, tips and ideas interesting, helpful, or maybe even inspiring.  And should they cause you to initiate your own beginning – that of your own Joy Journal, I sincerely hope you will share your story as well.

Joyfully yours,

3 Responses to “The Joy of Beginning”

  1. Dear Brooke,

    What an inspiration to read this great blog.

    We are so far away, have lived so many different lives, and yet the things that interest us are still the same.

    I’m still amazed by your power, strenght and willingness to go in different paths, and not only change if necessary, but discover the potential of all posibilities.

    I thought you were amazing already, but you amaze me even more each time, I get a glimpse of your life….

    I love you and hope to keep on getting little glimpses.


  2. Cool, there are some wonderful ideas on here that my subscribers could find this relevant, I’ll send them a link. Thanks

  3. Ellsworth Yancy July 2, 2011 at 8:00 am

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